Friday, March 23, 2012

raffia ribbon

When it comes to painting, my husband and I have a system.

Since we've managed to paint every single room in our house (sans the basement, but I'm sure its day will come), we've got it worked out.  Not that either of us love the painting process, but we do love the finished product.  Chris is the muscle.  He paints all of the large spaces that my noodle arms can't handle.  I'm the perfectionist.  I do the edging with focus and intensity.

My secret?  Patience.  And a very small brush.

We've tried the blue painter's tape and the green frog tape, but they never seem to create clean lines as well as their packaging says they will (*cough* perfectionist *cough*).  So, I get up in the crevices and corners of the ceilings and floors and inch my way along until the job is done.  Every wall of painted space in our home has involved my husband's muscle and my little brushes.

This month, we started the last phase of our guest bathroom remodel.  We kept the pink bathtub, some of the pink and white tiling, and the toilet.  We replaced the floor, and are now working on re-doing the walls and replacing the sink and fixtures.

Just in time for a visit from mom.

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