Sunday, March 4, 2012


A soft snow is falling outside our front door right now, and creating the most tranquil twilight.  I wish I could bottle the calm and keep it on my nightstand for when I'm feeling uncertain.

In church this morning, we prayed for Chardon, and we prayed for all of the other families in this part of the country who are being terrorized by tornadoes.  Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana have all been hit, including the relatives of people we know.  If only we could clone ourselves and help with disaster relief.

Amanda stayed at our house last night.  Some of her extended family live in Alabama.  Thankfully, they made it through the storm with all of their houses in tact.  Amanda told us this morning that she slept well and felt an incredible peace in our home.

I am so grateful, and wish that peace for everyone.

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