Thursday, March 15, 2012

cupcakes & roller skates

"Embrace the pink," Melanie, is so dear to me.

She turned 30 last week.

I started my Saturday celebrating her, ended my Saturday celebrating her, and spent every moment in-between celebrating her.

It was a good day.

Mel wanted something sweet and something sassy for the start of her new life decade, so a group of us ladies met at Main Street Cupcakes for fancy finger foods, presents, and pink champagne cupcakes.  The room was small, so we got cozy, and filled the place with laughter.  

"Thirty, Flirty & Thriving" was our mantra, as we watched Jennifer Garner's cult comedy, "13 Going on 30," at the birthday girl's house after brunch, and waited for our party bus to arrive.  

The party bus was a borrowed preschool van from The Learning Garden.  It sat fourteen bodies comfortably.. fourteen preschool bodies.  With balloons and streamers lining the windows, we cozied up once again, and made our way to Akron for the sassy portion of our evening.  Roller derby.

Not quite as trash-tastic as hubby's and my inaugural bout in Tallmadge last summer, but the girls from Rubber City did well to ease the gals from our church in to the world of professional female aggression ala roller skates.  I'm pretty sure their clever pseudonyms, booty shorts and ripped stockings helped.

After our bus ride home, a few of us capped off the evening at Applebee's with appetizers and ice cream.

Sweet, sassy, and deep-fried.

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