Friday, February 3, 2012


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With my business nearing its birthday, I am finding myself reflecting on the people I've met and the stories I've heard over the past year. The most impressive tales are the ones that involve survival, healing, redemption, and multiple children.  

I am constantly amazed at how large families are out here.  I fondly refer to the midwest as "Duggar Nation."

My first client in Ohio was a mom of eight.  She homeschooled all of them!  This morning, I met a woman with ten children, all adopted domestically through the foster care system.  Her oldest is in his 40s and her youngest is a tween. Today she had her very first facial.  Last week, I met a gal with fifteen siblings, all of whom she still sees once a year at family reunions. This year, she's planning the event with a duct tape theme.

Chris and I are often asked why we don't have kids of our own, and the truth is, we prefer loving on all of yours.

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