Sunday, February 12, 2012

everyday joy

I am delighted to see snow again.

We've had a wimpy winter here in Medina, but the white flakes falling from the sky this morning put me in a good mood.

Some other things that have made me smile lately:

Sharing a stage with Chris and Rachel.  We're still thinking of a name for ourselves.  Any suggestions?  The best candidate we have so far is "Rachel & The Holywaters."

Next month, we get to open for Christopher Williams.

Sweet Face Skin Care Ohio turned one year old!  I received several happy anniversary wishes online last week, and one of my clients brought me the cheeriest bouquet of flowers.  Now, if I could just smash my face in to a piece of cake, like other one year olds do on their birthday, my life would be complete.  

Hosting a dinner party for my highschool youth kids, complete with BLTs (read: lots and lots of bacon!), music, laughter, prayer, and a big crock of tomato soup.

Last weekend, hubby and I attended our church's annual marriage conference.  We focused on finding the humor in our differences, and seeking to love each other well. 

Personally, I liked matching my husband 'stache for 'stache.

My dear friends, and fellow bloggers, presented me with this blog award today!  Thanks, Timothy & Jeanne!  What a fun surprise!

And.. drum roll please.. after a year of not being able to wear my wedding ring, last night I was able to shove it on my finger!  While it's still a bit snug, I can actually get it all the way on, as opposed to just above the knuckle.  Healthy eating and exercise really work!  

Ah, everyday joy.

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