Thursday, January 19, 2012

snowma.. what?

My parents called me this afternoon from north of Seattle, where they are experiencing "Snowmageddon."  Over a foot of snow has fallen in their area in the past three days, and they are homebound.

Seattle isn't equipped for heavy snowfall like we are here in Ohio.  I remember what that was like when we lived out there.  Snow was a welcomed wonder, until it got inconvenient.  The city tends to shut down in this kind of inclement weather.  I fondly remember doing a lot of movie watching with an occasional hike to the grocery store during those days, passing people sledding down hills and gliding across the snow on cross-country skis.  It was an adventure, to be sure, including that one time we were without power for three days. Chris & I huddled under a mountain of covers trying to stay warm in our 30-something degree house.  We lasted one night before showering at my brother's house, and bunking with my sister and her family.  Electricity is a beautiful thing.

So far, everyone we know in the Seattle area is faring well. Granted, Facebook is flooded with status updates claiming "cabin fever" and "going crazy," not to mention my best friend (Amie)'s family who is stuck inside their house in a remote south of Seattle neighborhood. Apparently, they have dozens of downed trees that her husband and brave neighbors are attempting to clear.  I'd say they are living the adventure, too!  I hope their generator holds out.

It's times like these I wish I could hop on a plane and bring them all fresh baked banana bread and hot chocolate.  The last I heard, dad was cooking up a pot of Top Ramen and Amie was reorganizing her pantry.    

Meanwhile, I'm drinking hazelnut coffee and thinking about what to write next. I am surrounded by random CDs, the remains of my husband's various airline audio projects.  Fernando Ortega, Cesaria Evora, Lucky Dube, Rihanna, Adele, and Chaka Khan.. who says blogging is lonely?

Stay safe, Seattle.

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