Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Six years ago, Amanda was thrown from a horse.

It was an accident that left her wrist shattered and her left knee torn.  Unfortunately, she didn't have the best medical care back then. A surgeon put her wrist back together, but the knee was left to fend for itself.  That knee has been the source of intense pain for our girl over the years, namely this past year.  It randomly locked up on her and gave out on her, and sent shooting pain throughout her body.

We got her a quality brace from a physical therapist friend in the church, and she exercised thinking that stretching it out and keeping it in motion would help.  Sadly, the damage was deep.  2011 brought more than one trip to the ER because of the knee, plus X-rays, narcotics, an immobilizer, crutches, and an MRI.

It was the MRI and the doctor who read the MRI that made all the difference.  This doctor right away recommended surgery.

Amanda had surgery on her wrist in 2006 after the accident, which was a traumatic experience all by itself, causing her great anxiety at the thought of going through it again.  After heaps of encouragement and the prayers of many and my promise to be by her side, she faced her fear.  We are so proud of her!

Granted, this meant our day started at 4am.  After a bleary-eyed wake-up and coffee tumblers filled to the brim with sumatra, hubby and I caravanned 45 minutes to the surgical clinic in Wooster.  Chris sat with us while they checked Amanda in, then he prayed over her and drove back to Medina for work.  I stayed with Amanda and her mom until she recovered from the anesthesia several hours later. It was a long day, but one for celebrating.  Not only was the injury less extensive than the doctor originally thought, but he was able to repair the offending meniscus and assure her she would know relief from pain in a few days.  What was initially a 6 month recovery is now a matter of weeks.

God is at work in our girl's life.

Big time.

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