Thursday, December 22, 2011

small town

Bettye from Evansville, IN: "The tradition is, if you are single you have to sit on Santa's lap, when you get married it's an option."

Julie from Sioux Falls, SD: "Dad checked to make sure I had my "long johns" on so when walking the mile to school I wouldn't get frost bite again."

Jan from New Bedford, MA: "When I was very young, my Dad used to tease me and my brother, saying that at midnight on Christmas Eve, the animals could talk."

Julie from Rawlins, CO: "Once a year we ate homemade pickled herring and potato sausage, and were required to remain seated at the table while my parents ate lutefisk."

Virginia from Quitman, TX: "Why decorate a tree when the person we loved the most was there with us?  We decorated Grandpa instead."

I wonder what Mary would write about her memory of Bethlehem the day Jesus was born?

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