Friday, November 18, 2011


Living in the midwest is lovely, but I do miss many things about the west coast, including all of the little bistros and restaurants and street musicians, and that vibe that makes Seattle so great.

Treehugger’s Café transports me back to the place inside of me that naps during sticky Ohio summers and applies hand lotion again and again during the cold dry winter months.  Everything about this space (the ambiance, the menu, the staff, the café’s commitment to local agriculture and organic farming) makes that inside place come alive.

Last month, my friend Brenda took me here for the first time.  She and I shared an eggplant panini and a black bean burger with a sweet cinnamony carrot salad on the side.  The panini was my favorite of the two sandwiches, but that pretzel bread surrounding the black bean burger was pretty tasty.  On Wednesday, Anna and I went here for lunch (this was her first time).  Anna had the lemon chicken & pesto panini with tomato basil soup, while I had a leafy green salad and a bowl of their vegan pumpkin soup.

While I may have to drive a ways to get here, and it might not be surrounded by six coffeeshops, mountains, or unshaven bike messengers, I do appreciate the effort.  Treehugger’s Café will be there when I need my northwest fix.

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