Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  

Everyone is in a good mood.  Homes smell like love (love smells like pumpkin pie and apple cider, in case you were wondering).  People say nice things to each other.  God is given the credit He's due.

Oh yeah, and I get to stuff my face with food I only eat once a year.

Last Thanksgiving, we joined two different houses for two full meals, and savored the traditions of each family.  Today, we'll be joining another two families, in one big home.  In a couple of hours, I'll be preparing my blue cheese stuffed mushrooms and green bean casserole (the bright cheesy kind that makes you want to eat your vegetables) to take to the feast.  Note: I add crushed garlic to the recipe, extra green beans, and I bake at 350 degrees.

With my family, we used to talk about the things we were thankful for before the meal.  Now, we talk about it as we're eating.  I mean, who wants to have a long discussion while hungry?  Especially when a plate of everything wonderful is baiting you?  Our items of thanks are represented by uncooked corn kernels.  We go around the table taking turns speaking our gratitude out loud and then drop the kernels in to a bowl.  

Because I tend to be long-winded, I have a two kernel limit.

Ah, I miss our families.  Sure, we are surrounded by dear friends who have become our Ohio family, but there is something about being with the ones you grew up with or joined by marriage.  So, today my two corn kernels go to the extended Kelly and Holowaty families.

You are our favorite blessings.


  1. I LOVE this picture of the Kelly family! It brings tears to my eyes. I love every single person in that picture! You are all part of MY family! Love you SO much! J.

    1. The feelings are mutual, Jeanne. Truly. xo