Wednesday, November 9, 2011

permanent record

Well, I officially survived my third retreat with the Cornerstone youth (I have the t-shirt to prove it).  The theme was "Permanent Record." Our speaker was Luis Patten.

During the weekend, I helped facilitate a class on making friendship bracelets, and instead of a skit, I played guitar (first time in a long time) and sang a Shawn McDonald song.  Rachel played with me, and Brandon played the djembe.  Pastor Mike was this close to playing his harmonica.  It felt good to remind the kids that they are loved, and God can make beauty from ashes.

© photo credit: Kairie Weber

© photo credit: Kit Begovich

Plus, Luis brought his cute wife, Erin.  She is one of us now.

© photo credit: Tori Conrad

Tears were shed, strongholds were laid down, grudges were forgiven, and everyone got a reset.  One of the quotes Luis shared that the kids resonated with was this, "hurt people hurt people, free people free people."

© photo credit: Kairie Weber

Walk in freedom, friends.

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