Monday, November 7, 2011


Some funny things I do:

* When I put shopping carts away, I like making them crash in to each other.
* I wear my purse when I drive.
* I use lots of heart symbols and smiley faces when I write e-mails and texts and Facebook posts. 
* I love going to farmer/artisan markets, even if I don't buy anything.
* The 10 second rule always applies to my dropped food.
* I have to end conversations and written messages with a proper goodbye.
* I always want a bite of the meal you order at a restaurant, and will usually ask for it as my fork is nearing your plate.  (Is that funny or annoying?)
* I like apples, but not apple-flavored things.
* I make a facial expression (Chris calls it "the turtle") when I'm being clever.
* I tend to laugh at the parts in movies that no one else is laughing at.
* I often throw an extra "I love you" my husband's way when we fall asleep at night, to ensure that my last statement is sincere.  I mean, it would be a shame if one of us died in our sleep to the final words of "Man, I'm gassy!", "Hey babe, did you put the trash out?" or, "Is that water I hear in the basement?"

What funny things do you do?


  1. Totally laughing out loud that you wear your purse while you're driving! You're such an old fart. I love it! When we're 60 it'll be crammed with Kleenex and bingo dobbers. :-P

  2. I always tell my Holowaty that I love him, before he leaves for work! Because in case something terrible happens, I don't want the last thing I tell him to be "did you empty the diaper pail?" or "Jon, pick up your mess!"