Thursday, August 18, 2011


There are few places I've seen in Ohio that remind me of where we came from.  The northwest is a beauty all it's own.  Ohio is different. A good different, but definitely different.

Recently, two friends of ours introduced me to the artsy town of Peninsula.  Cuyahoga Valley, where Peninsula is located, is beautiful land.  Peninsula just has that something that reminds me of the parts of Seattle and Portland that I love so much.

Part scenery, part cultural vibe.. not sure I can put my finger on it.  I just know it when I feel it.

The Towpath is a biking/walking/hiking/running trail that spans along the Cuyahoga River.  Sections of it are shaded by hulking green trees and the view beside the trail changes from what I used to see when I went camping as a child (moving water, bridging tree stumps, sandbars, sticks and pebbles) to fields of corn, backyards, swamps and highway.  

It's a friendly trail that keeps your eyes interested and your feet pedaling.

Hubby and I took our first bike ride together last Saturday.  I know, we couldn't believe it either.  In over 12 years of marriage, this was our first time setting out on bicycles as a pair.  It seems that one of us always had wheels when the other didn't.  Now, thanks to a Craig's List purchase and a donation from a friend, we can ride at the same time.  The Towpath was our first cycling adventure.  

There's something sweet about riding with the one you love, even if thoughts of adoration are overruled by the sound of cicadas in the trees and shotgun fire in the corn fields.

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