Tuesday, August 2, 2011


From the moment we shared a heaping bowl of pasta in their dining room, we knew we had a connection with Mike & Connie Mouser.

I like to think of Connie as "The Sauce Whisperer."  Every sauce she creates is well-composed and gorgeous.

This mama knows how to cook Italian!

Last night she made her famous homemade pizza for us.  Homemade crust, homemade sauce (a tomatoey-pestoey concoction), fresh mozzarella, oregano, sausage, parmesan, and pepperoni the size of your whole hand.  Pepperoni is normally my least favorite pizza topping, but Connie made me a believer.  She baked two large pans of this pie, and I barely got a picture in before the last three slices were devoured.  We also enjoyed lively conversation over a bottle of malbec and coffee on their new patio.  

Life is just better shared.

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