Friday, August 26, 2011


I wish someone would create a diet that allowed you (me) to eat vats of melted cheese without moderation.  Wouldn't that be a delicious way to lose weight?

The other night, we all did our best to challenge that idea.  

Chris and I got together with eight of our friends and made fondue: three cheese versions, two kinds of chocolate and a marshmallow fondue.  Only one of us had an actual fondue pot.  The rest were created on stoves, in a crockpot and a microwave.  Instead of fondue forks, we used barbecue skewers, which I promise you worked just as well.

The cheese fondue I made was in a six quart crockpot and consisted of lager beer, heavy cream, hot sauce, corn starch, and fourteen cups of cheese (a combination of colby jack, sharp cheddar and swiss).  

If the pot had had a diving board, you would've jumped off of it and done your best cannonball right in to the deep end.  It was that good. The whole evening was that good.  We stuffed our faces, shared embarrassing stories, and laughed until it hurt.  

It was the kind of night you wish you could have every night.

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