Saturday, August 6, 2011

date night

One of our favorite dates began on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

We started with dinner at Nyala Ethiopian Restaurant, spent a couple of hours at The Silent Movie Theatre, and ended our evening with coffee at The Green Room on Hollywood Blvd.

Last night we had an Ohio version of that same date.  We started with sushi at Kasai on Weatherstone Drive, spent a couple of hours at Playhouse Square, and came home to Medina for a late night nosh.

Playhouse Square is located in downtown Cleveland and is currently hosting their 14th annual Cinema at the Square.  "This summer the Palace Theatre’s famous screen (a 20 foot-high by 47 foot-wide super Hurly-Glo projection screen) will feature 16 film favorites. Moviegoers will be treated to pre-show organ recitals on a restored 1927 Kimball organ that contains 16 sets of pipes, a xylophone, Glockenspiel, a complete set of drums and many cymbals," states the website.

The organ recital was compliments of a short-haired senior named Susan, and included renditions of "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," "I Got Rhythm," and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."

You may be interested in knowing that Playhouse Square is actually a whole district, and one of it's buildings houses several different theatres.  Concerts, live stage performances and movies all play there.  You can even rent a theatre for your next business meeting! The Cinema at the Square series is located inside the grand Palace Theatre, which takes your breath away at first entrance.  

It makes you wish you were dressed to the nines and carrying a sparkly clutch purse.  This theatre contains two balconies and sky-high ceilings.  The floor shows it's age and the seating aisles are surprisingly narrow, but everything else is truly spectacular.

On our date, we were entertained by a screening of the 1933 film, 42nd Street.  It was billed as a Ginger Rogers picture, but the real star (in my opinion) was Ruby Keeler.  

Instead of movie trailers, we watched old Warner Brothers cartoons. And in place of college-age kids manning the ticket counter, we were greeted by silver-haired retirees in red blazers.  "The Red Coats," as they call themselves, reminded me of my very first date with Chris at another classic Hollywood haunt, Musso & Frank's.

As much as the country charms me, I will always be a city girl.  

A city girl who adores her city boy.

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