Sunday, August 21, 2011

the crew

So, I'm not what you call graceful.  

I tried my legs at ballet when I was young, but didn't last more than a year.  I adored the sparkly costumes and music and stage make-up, but was never the type who could glide or land quietly.  I still walk heavy on my feet.  

My sister is the graceful one.  I was meant for a contact sport.

Soccer was the game my siblings and I all tried at some point.  I'm not fast, but I am tough.  I was at my best in the defense position and loved playing fullback.  Being "the brute squad" against the forwards from the opposite team suited me just fine.  My favorite games were the ones played in the rain.  I loved getting muddy.  For over a decade, I played this sport (club teams, select teams, school teams, college intramurals) and was pretty good at it.

Several years later, I married an Argentine.  My hubby has fútbol in his blood!  He was actually living in Argentina when they won the World Cup in 1978.  It's a story I like hearing him tell.  Last year, we camped out on our couch and watched the 2010 World Cup games.  

While we have friends in Seattle with season tickets to the Sounders, it seems that in Ohio, college sports and truck pulls are far more popular.

Enter The Crew.  

Our friend, Melissa, is one of the Assistant Squad Leaders and dancers for the Columbus Crew (they call themselves The Crewzers).  I always assumed she cheered for a basketball team.  So, when she asked me to come to a home game, I was excited to see her troupe perform. Then, I found out The Crew was an MLS team and my enthusiasm doubled.

Aniko and Abi Allen joined me for that game.  We started our evening with dinner at Noodles & Company, then drove to the stadium and found our incredible seats (thanks Melissa!) where we cheered The Crew on to victory.  We stayed afterwards to give Melissa hugs, then drove the two hours back to Medina listening to Adventures in Odyssey (an audio program I used to listen to on cassette when I was a kid - now Abi listens to it on CD).

If only I had learned about the Columbus Crew last September!  Their match against the Seattle Sounders would have been fun to watch. Still, what we saw last weekend was filled with vuvuzelas, popcorn, and high energy.. and Abi walked away with a free t-shirt.  

What more could you ask for?

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