Saturday, July 16, 2011


Chris married his first couple today.

The church assigned my minister husband to officiate Brittany & Christopher's wedding, but knowing him, he wouldn't be okay with just showing up for the rehearsal and reading a script.  

It is our desire for every engaged couple to go in to marriage with the right heart and expectations and to have fun in the process.  While our pastoral staff is required to do part of the ceremony from a pre-written text, Chris had the opportunity to add his own word to the moment.  So, we met with Brittany & Christopher twice before the big day to get to know them.  We made a sweet connection over brunch and Panera sandwiches, and, as it turns out, they are a good balance for each other and easy to interact with.

The ceremony itself was traditional and lovely.  Brittany looked radiant in her white gown and Christopher looked dignified and so proud to be marrying his best friend.

My husband did a fine job of directing the event.  From rehearsal to matrimony, he took great care of the couple and their families and helped ease their anxiety and pre-wedding jitters.  He showed them love the way Pastor Adam Ayers showed us love the day he married us, and did so with a quiet confidence.

One wedding down, a hundred more to go (give or take).

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