Monday, July 25, 2011


Do you find yourself looking for specific landmarks when you drive home from work or school or the grocery store or an 832 mile road trip?  I do.

When we were residents of Los Angeles, we lived in Hollywood and worked in Studio City.  Every night, hubby and I would carpool after a long day and smile when we'd see familiar advertisements for a gentlemen's club or neon signs for dollar Chinese food and donuts.  In Orange County, if we noticed billboards for Disneyland and the end of the 55 freeway, we knew we were close.  Our house in North Seattle was tucked away, so the landmarks that welcomed us were the city hall and community horse riding pen.  

Here in Medina, I find myself looking for exit signs that feature the Bob Evan's logo, Buffalo Wild Wings and Super 8 motel.

Home sweet home.

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