Saturday, July 30, 2011

growing up

Remember in elementary school when your teacher assigned you the task of writing a paper titled, "What I did on my summer break," or "When I grow up I want to be..."?  I was thinking about that this morning as I mixed two cereals for breakfast.

What?  Mixing cereals?  From two different cereal boxes?  

Maybe that's not so shocking to you, but as I'm in my mid-thirties now, I'm realizing that I have the say in the choices I make.  The big stuff I understood a decade ago, but the little stuff is only now becoming clear to me.  I find I'm struck at the most random moments by these realities, and they make me laugh.

Turns out, I'm an adult and all the choices I make are my responsibility.

So are the consequences.

Here is a short list of said realities:

1.  I can mix cereals for breakfast.
2.  I can eat cereal for every meal of the day.
3. I can eat in the living room without asking for permission (granted, I am over 16, which was the age of eating-in-the-living-room inclusion in my household growing up).
4. I can stay up really late (despite my dad's old caution, "nothing good ever happens after midnight.").
5.  If I make a mistake, I will still be able to go to my friend's house to play.
6.  Hard work does pay off.
7.  I can say "no."
8.  Love won't pay the bills, but it will tuck you in at night. 
9. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to throw stuff out the window of a moving vehicle, even if it is biodegradable.
10.  Friends are as good as family.


  1. 10b. ..and family can make great friends!

  2. Chris! Sorry, off topic, kinda, but I so remember Chris at that age. And those steps, and that house, and Flora's pancakes, and playing at 6 Arundel Rd. Those were some of the best reasons of being a kid. cuz, Juanita

  3. Please tell me you watch Gilmore Girls. First, your posts about Medina often remind me of the Gilmore Girls small town. And Second, they always mix their cereals... the daughter is in heaven when she goes to college and can go to the dining hall where they have dozens of cereals she can mix from. I would let you borrow my entire series on DVD but you live too far away :( Love you anyway!