Wednesday, July 27, 2011

frozen custard

Our first week in Ohio was spent at a local hotel.  It was our "first date" with the church that would become our new home.  Up the street from our lodging was a place advertising frozen custard.  

You can freeze custard?  I'm in.

Strickland's greeted our tastebuds with cheerful flavors. We visited this ice cream haven twice during that week, once for cones and the second time for pints.  Due to the time change, we found ourselves watching numerous late night movies on the Lifetime Channel, instead of our usual shows.

Not that I was complaining.  

Tonight I had my third experience with Strickland's.  This time it was as a resident of Medina and with our friend, Amanda, who recently obtained her driver's license.  This was our celebratory outing.  Her pick was chocolate in a waffle cone.  Classy.  We ordered the medium size and it did not disappoint.

The leaning tower of frozen confection suited Amanda just fine.

Frozen custard, ice cream, gelato, sorbet?  Whatever you call it, I'll take two scoops, please.

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