Tuesday, July 26, 2011

care package

I found something we all have in common.

Life?  Love?  Death?  Taxes?

Yes, and fun mail!  Who doesn't light up when they receive something in their mailbox other than bills, advertisements, solicitations (and whatever else is considered junk)?  

I call it fun mail and have a feeling you do, too.

Yesterday, I received a box from my sister in Everett, WA.  She's not one who keeps a surprise very well (something I adore about her), so I knew it was coming a few days before it arrived.  Still, with our week spent in Joplin and much to catch up on when we got home, I forgot about it.  

Oh, what a sweet surprise!  The box was filled with brightly-colored packing paper and jars of homemade goods: jam, body scrubs and cookies. Only after I took a photo did I notice the handful of Hershey's kisses tied together in a little toile bag.  She took great care to wrap everything and make it look inviting.  It feels so good to be thought of in that way.  Thanks, sis!

And thank you to you who have sent cards, baby announcements, jars of pickles, spices, baked goods, kid drawings, wedding invitations, handwritten letters, and other items of love that bless us perfectly. What a wonderful community!

P.S. We like money, too.

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