Friday, July 15, 2011


Life is hard some times. 

If you have a pulse, you know this to be true.

Marriages crumble, illnesses drag on, miscarriages happen, emotional breakdowns debilitate the strong, tragedy strikes without notice, our economy is a mess, my mom has stage 4 cancer, and there is heartache.  So much heartache.

There is also joy.  And hope.  I believe that.

My brother is six months sober, my best friend's daughter doesn't need heart surgery this year, I have another new nephew (Isaac Nicholas Holowaty, born June 16th - pictured above), young friends of ours just returned from their honeymoon (so in love), and my mom is still the best hugger I know (and the worst cheater at cards).  

Did I mention?  I'm entering my first baking contest at the county fair next month.  I'm so nervous.

On Sunday morning, we begin our 13 hour drive to Joplin, Missouri. We are going with a team from our church, in hopes of offering helping hands and compassionate hearts.

As you recall, Joplin had a devastating tornado rip it apart two months ago.  I was up late last night looking through this Facebook page. Photos, videos, stories, offers of help, people being good to each other - it's enough to make your heart cramp. I cannot imagine living through this kind of horror.  At the same time, I am moved by the ways people across the country and around the world have reached out to this city.  I'm grateful we get to represent our little corner of Ohio.

We have dear friends in Kansas (just outside of Joplin) who are hurting and grieving over the loss of their loved ones, colleagues and businesses.  For sure we can't take their hurt away, but we can sit with them and be present in their loss.

I don't know why bad things happen to good people, but I do know that God doesn't waste our pain.


  1. Soo with you on the bittersweet theme. Isn't that life? And the death and rebirth cycles in our lives. I'm excited for yr competition!!

  2. Hey! I know that sweet baby boy!
    "bittersweet" has definitely been the theme of life this year.
    although it is very encouraging to read what you wrote about God not wasting our pain. thank you. and I now, I am gonna go have a good cry and then go cuddle my sweet little boys.