Wednesday, June 15, 2011

red velvet

Second time was a charm.  

Turns out, when you add a dash more vanilla and a pinch more cocoa than the recipe calls for, and you don't rush the process (or attempt it at 2 in the morning), the end result will be famous.

Chloe's 21st birthday was on June 10th, but she asked that we celebrate it on the 9th, since she was leaving for her summer job as a camp director on the 10th.  

She gathered some of her closest friends for dinner at the best sushi restaurant in town, and we followed it (a few hours later) with an after-party at our house.  Chloe wanted us all to be with her when she took her first drink of alcohol.. at midnight.

We set the scene with balloons and confetti, chocolate and cherry cordials, strawberries, and all the fixin's for daiquiris.  I offered to make her favorite dessert.  Enter red velvet cake.  

Chloe had her first drink at 12:09am and decided about 3 minutes later that she didn't care for the taste of alcohol.

Here's to you, sweet girl!  You make life better with your laugh, your stories, those purple stilettos, and that Natalie Portman smile.

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