Wednesday, June 22, 2011

police blotter: critter chaos

CHICKENS, LUNDY LANE: For the third time, an officer found loose chickens running around at a Lundy’s Lane residence after 1p.m. on Nov. 22.  Police cited the female owner for continuing to allow the chickens to run wild.

“LOST” DUCKS, N. COURT:  A caller told police on Feb. 23 that a pack of ducks were wandering through the parking lot of a N. Court St.  grocery store.  The caller believed the ducks were “lost.”  Police located the ducks around 4:38p.m. and determined that the ducks were fine.   They were left to wander.

RUNAWAY HORSES, WARNER ROAD: Police responded to a call at 11p.m. on April 3 that several horses had been seen running through a yard.  The horses were reportedly running west through the backyard.  There was no further information at the time of the report.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT, CHILLICOTHE ROAD: A motorist found an injured turtle in the road at 11:30a.m. on May 14.  Police placed the snapping turtle in a box and transported it to Penitentiary Glen.

ANIMALS, LYNDEN DRIVE: A resident reported a den of foxes living in his backyard on May 9.

ANIMAL AT LARGE, WEST ORANGE STREET: Police received a call at 5:19p.m. on June 17 for a report of a “large snake” outside the door at the Cascade Boutique.  The snake was gone by the time officers arrived minutes later.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT, WEST ORANGE HILL: The animal warden was dispatched on June 17 after a resident reported that a turtle was burrowing in a front-yard flower bed.

JARRED RACCOON, PINE: A patrolling officer witnessed a raccoon with a jar stuck on it’s head run across the road near the 500 block of Pine Street around 9:23p.m., Nov. 5.  The raccoon quickly wandered away, and the officer moved on.

Welcome to Ohio.

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