Thursday, June 2, 2011

maple soy glaze

Three noteworthy things happened today.

1.  I got bangs.
2.  Hubby came back to me.
3.  I made sexy chicken.

The bangs are a fun change.  This is the first time I've had real bangs since the butcher job I did to my hair in high school.  Kelly Taylor (circa 1990), I blame you.

Chris left on Sunday for a convention in Columbus.  While he was there, he got to spend time with friends from our Seattle church, attend the event as an official foursquare pastor, and serve alongside several members from Cornerstone Chapel and other foursquare churches in the area.  He came home this afternoon with much to tell me and a big fat hug.  We often quote a line from the movie, Moonlight Mile, when we say goodbye to each other.  It's what Susan Sarandon's character says to Dustin Hoffman's character, "Come back to me."

It's another form of "I love you."

(We say that, too.)

Little did my husband know, I made a new recipe for dinner.  It's a recipe that rivals beer can chicken, and maybe even demotes it to second place. I'm telling you, this recipe makes one sexy bird.  Try it and you'll see. The dark spots in the photo are from the maple soy glaze caramelizing, and the pan with the whisk is the perfectly sweet & savory sauce I made from the drippings.

It is the kind of thing that reminds me of Thanksgiving.  You know, when the house smells so good?

Chris came home to that smell and ten minutes after he walked through the door, he was carving the bird.  We didn't even use proper plates, we devoured the meal standing up, taking bites of the chicken with our forks, dipping it in to the brown sauce.  I had roasted some red potatoes in olive oil & seasonings as a side.. so, we dipped those, too.  There was no time for salad or even many words, just eating and happiness.

I should tell you that this new dish was inspired by a total stranger. It wasn't at all odd to me how it happened, since I've been known to do this to fellow shoppers myself.  I was at the new EarthFare in Fairlawn last week, when a lady came up to me, eyeing the whole fryer in my cart.  She enthusiastically asked me if I had heard about the maple glazed roast chicken recipe from  I had not, but I wanted to.  She blurted out the entire recipe before leaving with a smile and that knowing look - the one that said she knew I had a tasty meal in my future.  She was right.

Lisa Winter gets the credit for my hair.  Nice lady at the grocery store gets credit for my new favorite chicken recipe, and God gets the credit for creating edible perfection.. and taste buds.


  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! ;) and I need that chicken recipe.

    xoxo. Steph

  2. Recipe please. Tried to find it on the website but, no-go.

  3. Thanks, Steph!! Click on the word 'recipe' in this phrase of the blog post, "Little did my husband know, I made a new recipe for dinner" - it will take you to the recipe. You girls will LOVE it!! :)