Monday, June 20, 2011

city chicken

City chicken is not chicken.

This we learned last night at Bruce & Patty's house, where Patty served her version of the popular northeastern recipe.  Cubes of pork and veal (some prefer pork and beef) are rolled in flour, browned, skewered, baked and covered in mushroom gravy.  

It is a flavorful dish, not for the faint of heart.

Often I have a conversation with Bruce that goes like this:

Bruce: "Have you ever had ____ (fill in the blank with a type of food or dessert)?"
Me: "Oh yes."
Bruce: "But have you ever had Patty's ____ (same food or dessert)?"
Me: "Oh no."
Bruce: "Girl, you haven't really had ____ until you've had Patty's ____!"

We've had this exchange so many times now that it's become an inside joke of sorts and is always expressed with great inflection and laughter.. and remedied with Sunday dinners.

Tonight it was Patty's City Chicken.  Granted, Chris & I had never had this meal before, so sharing it with Bruce, Patty, Al and Marge (Patty's dad & stepmom) was an extra special treat.

Add two sons (Jimmy & Danny) who came home for a visit with their girlfriends, two energetic dogs, an emergency call (Jimmy is an EMT), a thunderstorm, Narnia on DVD, and Patty's strawberry shortcake for dessert, and you have yourself a fine Father's Day in Ohio.

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