Tuesday, May 17, 2011

drive back roads

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The title of this post can be found printed on the front of my husband's Christopher Williams band t-shirt.  I think it's one of the best metaphors for living life; though, I suspect it was meant to be literal, since Christopher Williams started his music career driving around the country in a red van.  He was a master of road trips and often found lyrics and stories during those side street tours.

If you haven't heard CW, you really must.  I first saw him play when I was a college kid splitting time between the classroom and coffeeshops in Seattle.  

Fast forward eighteen years and I'm still a fan of Williams' music. Hubby and I have hosted CW in every state we've lived in and try to see him perform live at least twice a year.  While living in California, I actually convinced two of my girlfriends to spontaneously drive six hours (round-trip) from Costa Mesa to Santa Barbara, in the middle of rush hour, to see CW play at a restaurant called SoHo.  

My friends love me.  A lot.

Last Friday, Christopher did a show at our church.  We were so excited to share our friend's music with our Ohio family.  It was a quaint gathering, but an important connection, and one I doubt any of them will ever forget.  I had the privilege of giving CW's introduction that night and selling his CDs.  It was a joy to watch children dancing, people clapping and CW doing what he does best. He has a new album coming out called stone water wood light.  What I thought was going to be a Fall project, he decided to do in forty days.  Lucky for us, he brought his two-day-old records with him to the concert and I've been listening to my copy on repeat ever since.  
This CD will be released on May 23rd.  So you know, buy it.

After the gig at Cornerstone Chapel, we took CW to the most happenin' place in town on a Friday night: Applebee's.  We enjoyed their happy hour specials and conversation.  Christopher kept one eye on The Red Sox game and we had fun chatting it up with our server. A thunder & lightning storm brewed while we were inside, which made the evening that much more electric.

If you get a chance to see Christopher Williams in concert, please do. And don't forget those back roads.  

That's where all the scenery is.

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