Sunday, April 10, 2011

waking up

81 degrees. That's how hot it was today.

I promise you this was the scene eleven days ago.

As much as I'm wincing at the thought of summer heat, I did like opening up all my windows this morning and letting the fresh air in. I added some guatemalan lemongrass essential oil to my kitchen fragrance diffuser, and made my first batch of red potato salad with dill weed and garlic pickles.

I drove around some and saw little girls hula-hooping in their front yard, two old men sitting on their porch eating sunflower seeds, children in uniforms walking along West Liberty Street.. and flip-flops! Everyone is smiling, as if they've finally rubbed winter's sleep from their eyes.

This weather definitely puts people in a good mood.

As if by magic, all of the critters that were hiding during the cold months are out and about now. Bunnies, 'possum, skunk.. let the road kill count begin. And where did all the daffodils come from? Last year, we noticed only one or two bunches in our yard. Today I stopped counting at seventeen.

Spring has officially sprung.

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