Friday, April 8, 2011

southern style

Amanda's birthday is tomorrow, so I took her out for an afternoon on the town. When asked where she wanted to eat, she said Cracker Barrel. I was thrilled with this choice, since we don't have any Cracker Barrels on the west coast.

I don't know about you, but whenever I hear something about southern food, I immediately recall every Paula Deen episode I've ever watched on the Food Network.

Bring on the butter and collared greens!

As expected, the food was yum-my! I decided to throw my diet out the window and order a plate of BBQ pork with mac-n-cheese and hashbrown casserole on the side, accompanied by a buttermilk biscuit and corn muffin. Sadly, the muffin was dry, but the biscuit was heavenly. Now, if only they had had some Chatham
apple butter to smear on top, that would've been a good time. Amanda ordered a hearty chicken & strawberry salad, which looked pretty, but had nothing on my plate of carbs.

I pretty much inhaled my food, like the classy lady I am.

The gift shop was a fun place to browse. We found an abundance of Americana to cheese over, chocolate covered jelly beans, DVDs and toys that took me back to my youth, and lots of scented candles we stuck our noses in to. I was tempted to buy the picnic-themed pajama pants and a copy of Kenny Rogers' CD of hymns.

(Oh Kenny, why did you ever get that facelift?)

Overall, I give "The Cracker Barrel Experience" a 3.5 out of 5 stars. The food was satisfying, but the service was (surprisingly) mediocre. Next time, I'm going to will Paula Deen to show up and fill the place with her big hair and infectious laugh.. and those charming
things she says.

After all, "the more cheese to me, the better."

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