Thursday, March 3, 2011

police blotter: oh, behave

ASSAULT, DAWN COURT: In the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, a fight erupted between two men at a Dawn Court apartment. One of the men brought a girl back to the apartment complex, but found the same girl kissing his cousin later that evening. When the man confronted his cousin about kissing the girl, the cousin punched the other man multiple times in the face. The victim sustained a possible broken jaw and was transported to Medina Hospital. The suspect had a broken hand and was charged with assault as well as underage consumption of alcohol.

COMPLAINT, YOUNG AVENUE: It is not often that people complain about an overabundance of police attention in their neighborhood. However, on Thursday, a Young Avenue resident complained that she was tired of seeing police cars drive through her apartment complex. She felt they came through too much.

MYSTERY MEAT TRUCK, COUNTRYSIDE: A countryside Drive resident told police that a meat truck was driving through the neighborhood around 3:45p.m., June 29. Police responded but could not locate any such truck. On june 21, police shut down an operation in which a group of men were attempting to sell meat out of a truck without a solicitor's permit on Yorktown Drive.

ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR, E. WASHINGTON: Police advised a woman of the need to properly outfit her electric wheelchair with safety equipment and to stay on the sidewalk after she was spotted operating the equipment on E. Washington Street at 8:54p.m. on Sept. 22.

DRIVING SCHOOL RIVALS: Employees from two separate, rival driving school companies began arguing over the use of the Regal Cinema parking lot for the training of their student drivers. Police responded and spoke to both individuals around 4p.m., Oct. 19. The responding officer told both individuals they should act like adults.

DEFROST, S. COURT: A caller told police that a vehicle was weaving while driving along S. Court Street on Nov. 28. Around 7:26a.m., an officer responded, stopped the vehicle, and determined that the elderly male driver was having a difficult time seeing out of his windshield because it was still frosted over. The responding officer advised the man to thoroughly defrost his windshield before driving from now on.

BACTERIA: A Dawn Court resident called police because he was worried about bacteria that might be growing in the apartment.

DISTURBANCE, MADISON AVENUE: A woman was flashing people inside a bar Feb. 26, but a bartender said it was a man that was lifting up his shirt. He left prior to police's arrival.

COMPLAINT, HILLIARD BLVD: On Feb. 23, a woman called police because her 18-year old son sprayed her in the face with Febreeze. She declined medical attention and said she will start the eviction process.

COMPLAINT, MADISON AVENUE: A man was upset because the clerk at Walgreens would not allow him to return a hairbrush in an open package on Feb. 22. The man was advised and told not to return to the store.

SCREAMING, BRYNMAR: Police responded to a Brynmar Lane home after a report that a woman could be heard screaming inside the residence. An officer spoke with the woman, who said she was upset because she could not remember the passwords for her computer. No charges were filed.

HO HO BROUHAHA, BRANDYWINE: A 37-year old male and his 30-year old niece, who lived with their mother and grandmother, began arguing over a box of Ho Hos on Jan. 25. The homeowner became annoyed with the two adults and called police to the Brandywine Drive home. An officer responded around 10:55p.m. and told both offenders to start acting like adults.

CHURCH GROUP: A church group, who was raising money on Public Square to help Medina's homeless population, was warned twice on Jan. 22 to stay out of the roadway for safety purposes. Police advised the group at 8:05p.m. and 8:24p.m. to remain off the roads. Apparently, the group was a little excited about the effort.

SNOW MESSAGES, FALLING OAKS: A Falling Oaks resident told police on Feb. 5 that a juvenile neighbor continued to write derogatory messages in the snow of the man's yard. Police responded and spoke with the juvenile, advising him to cease.

UNDER THE INFLUENCE, W. REAGAN: What's an easy way to give yourself away while drinking and driving? Throw a beer can out your window. A 24-year old Medina man was driving erratically along W. Reagan Parkway on Jan. 10 when, according to another driver, he threw a beer can at the other driver's car. The other driver called police and an officer responded, stopped the suspect's vehicle and determined that the man had been drinking and driving. He was arrested and charged with OVI.

BANK CLOG, N. COURT STREET: A driver told police that another car was clogging the drive-through teller window at a N. Court Street bank on Dec. 20. The complainant's son confronted the male driver who was blocking the lane, and the man yelled back at the complainant and then drove off. Police filed a report.

SHOTGUN HOLE, W. UNION: A W. Union St. woman told police that she returned to her apartment on Dec. 19 to find a hole in her bedroom closet. Police responded and determined that the hole was likely caused by a shotgun blast from a neighboring apartment. An officer spoke with the next-door neighbor and subsequently arrested the 49-year old man for possessing weapons while under disability, a third-degree felony. The man is being held at the Medina County Jail.

HAVE SHOVEL - NOT, WALTER ROAD: Police received report of a man going door-to-door looking for snow shoveling jobs Dec. 14 on Walter Road. A resident thought the man was suspicious because he was not carrying a shovel with him when he asked to shovel snow. An officer arrived on the scene around 1p.m., identified the man and warned him of the complaint.

SEXUAL IMPOSITION, MEDINA ROAD: A woman came to the station to complain about a customer who had slapped her backside inappropriately Nov. 18. The woman, who works at a Medina Road salon, said the man slapped her hard on the rear after his appointment was complete. She said the man was known to have made inappropriate remarks in the past. When police contacted the individual, the man said he had threatening calls from the woman's boyfriend. Neither of the parties pressed charges, but the individual is not allowed to return to the salon.

LAUNDRY, N. COURT: A woman called police after her clothing became stuck in a washer at a N. Court St. location on Nov. 19. Police responded after 5p.m., but the woman was able to release the clothing before an officer arrived.

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  1. hahahaha that church group wasn't from our church was it??????

  2. haha No, but I wouldn't put it past some of our youth kids to run out in the street. :)