Tuesday, March 22, 2011


We had a classic midwestern experience on Sunday.

Bruce and Patty invited us to join them for the annual pancake feed at the V.F.W. hall in Chatham. This event has been alive and well since 1939, and attracts folks from all over the area. Patty told us "they bus people in," and the proof was in the line out the door when we arrived.

The line is serious business. Several annual patrons told us they've waited for up to two hours before just to get a seat and enjoy the discounted all-you-can-eat fare.

We were amused by the scene, as we walked in to a room filled with middle America goodness. The people, the tables, the tablecloths, the smell of an old room and pancakes wafting through the air, the chatter of hungry patrons catching up on the local news, the sound of clinking silverware and the old cash register humming at the exit.

I was in small town heaven.

For $6.50 you get a starter plate of two buckwheat pancakes, two large sausage links, and your choice of coffee, tea or water. After you finish that serving, you can order more pancakes, but more sausage will cost you fifty cents. The ingredients are local, the maple syrup is the real deal and homemade. I gave one of my sausages away to make more room in my belly. I am proud to report that I had nine delicious cakes smothered in butter and syrup.

It was a good day for my taste buds.

The food was everything I'd hoped it would be, and so was the company. We attended the event with our friends the Salsgivers, Skylar and Rachel. But it was the couple Rachel and I sat next to that intrigued me the most.

One thing Chris and I have noticed about people we've met in Ohio, they don't do a lot of traveling. Sure, they take road trips to Pennsylvania and Chicago, and many of the older folks end up in Florida for the winter. But, flying around the country or overseas is not a typical conversation. That is, until we met Tim and Jan from Brunswick. They fell in love in wartime, as they both worked at a hospital during Viet Nam. She was a nurse, he was a military medic.

They will be married forty years next spring.

Tim and Jan have four children and ten grandchildren, and they have plans to spend their 40th wedding anniversary on an Alaskan cruise. The other places they've traveled to include: Vegas, Italy, France, Hawaii, and river rafting in Colorado.

What a lovely day, and an equally delicious tradition!

Sign me up for next year.


  1. Next time you're in the area feel free to stop by! We're just about 3 minutes away from the VFW and the thriving metropolis of downtown Chatham! Stop by anytime! Love the blog by the way!
    The Eckhardts