Tuesday, March 29, 2011


What started as a damp smell in the basement, turned in to obvious leaking. We finally found the source of the leak after two weeks of inspection, which included tearing up floors, punching holes in walls, more leaks, two plumbers and a minor flood.

We love being homeowners.

The most sinister of culprits was this corroded pipe underneath the sink in our bathroom:

Our guess is that water has been slowly seeping in to floors and walls for several months now, maybe even years.
Leaving a tasty amount of mold in its wake.

The past few days have been eventful, as hubby and our go-to maintenance/repair guy/friend, Jim, have searched high and low for water damage, and soiled many towels and pant legs cleaning up water spills and drips.

Raise your hand if you like being woken up at 3:30am by the sound of water pouring in to your basement?  Yeah, me either.

Thank God for homeowners insurance!

So, we put the toilet in the guest bathroom back on it's original post, and the floor is now covered by a flat cardboard box. We have new laminate on order, and it looks like we'll be replacing the sinks in both bathrooms.

Ours is still exposed:

Plumber #3 comes on Thursday.

Don't worry, the pink bathtub stays.

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