Saturday, March 5, 2011

epic road trip

This time last year we pulled in to Medina after a four day road trip across the country.

Has it really been a whole year since we packed up our house, loaded our rental truck, hitched our Honda to a trailer, and said goodbye to our loved ones?  Wow.

Some of the highlights from our trip included an early wake-up with the Guy family:

An overnight visit with the Drys and flying in Todd's helicopter:

Crossing all four timezones, and driving through almost every type of weather condition, including blinding fog:

Hours and hours alone with my man, and that one day our starter wouldn't start and we had to call the Penske repairman (who climbed under the hood and gave the starter a whack with his wrench - good as new!):

The Easter egg-colored sunrises, people-watching at local diners, and driving through Chicago (even with the traffic congestion, it was nice to see city lights again):

Being side-swiped on the freeway by a semi truck in Indiana (not a happy highlight, but certainly memorable), and driving in to Medina bleary-eyed and grateful to be in our new zipcode.  We arrived at 3am Ohio time, slept for a few hours at a Super 8 motel, and then met our moving crew, which, coincidentally, was made up of the young adult interns whom we now meet with twice a month (we were just reminiscing with them about this last night!).

Half of our belongings went to a new friend's basement and the other half went to our little 2-bedroom apartment in town.  Our dear friend, Erik, drove out from Tennesee to help us move in (and slept on our floor - what a guy)!

The following morning we had another crew from the church show up and they moved all of our boxes in 29 minutes flat.  And by 'moved,' I mean unloaded from the truck on the street, walked about a half a block to get inside the building, and then hiked up two flights of an old narrow staircase.

What a whirlwind experience the past year has been for us!  In some ways, it feels like we've been here for a dozen seasons, and in other ways, it still feels surreal.  Between the two of us, we've visited the west coast three times in the past twelve months and have become seasoned Skype users - we feel like we have the best of all of our worlds within reach.

In everything, we count our blessings and look forward to more adventures down the road.

Pun intended.

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