Friday, March 11, 2011

double feature

Hannah and Tori are two high school girls I have the privilege of knowing.  They are cute hipsters who tell detailed stories, feel deeply and laugh a lot.  The three of us have that kind of relationship where we can talk about heavy things one minute and giggle silly the next.  I quite like being a part of their lives.

Tonight they came over to our house for a double feature movie night.  While eating burrito bowls and quesadillas from Chipotle, we watched James Franco cut his arm off in 127 Hours, followed by the classic David & Goliath comedy, Dodgeball.

Franco deserved his Oscar nod, hands down.

Be sure to watch the Justin Long featurette on the Dodgeball DVD Extras. When you find it, you will want to play it a second time, guaranteed. Maybe even a third or fourth time (like we did), and then again in slow motion.  What you don't want to watch in slow motion is James Franco cutting his arm off.

Just saying.

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