Friday, March 18, 2011

crocus watch

Our pastor's wife, Mary Jane, has a radar for spring.

This time of year, she announces that she is officially on 'crocus watch.' For me, it's like an early Easter egg hunt, as I put my senses on alert for the colorful perennials.

St. Patrick's Day was the first time I felt like spring could be near.

As much as I was enjoying the cold weather, we spent a few days in San Francisco with the Holowaty family last month and it felt like I was woken up. A breezy 65 degrees, long walks underneath the eucalyptus trees, staying outside past dark without freezing my face off, a new baby nephew to cuddle, an Argentine-style barbecue.. yeah, I'm ready for spring.

Like yesterday, today was bright and cheery. Not only did I see crocuses poking out in patches around our house, I saw the sky was clear and blue.  I couldn't resist a walk around our neighborhood. While listening to music on my iPod, I closed my eyes a few times and inhaled with intention. The temperature was perfect and the air smelled so fresh. The sun was shining, but the heat was at bay and there wasn't even a hint of humidity (something I dread about Ohio summers).

After my dose of vitamin D, I drove to an art gallery in Akron to view my friend, Joanna's, photography. Her work was included in an exhibit featuring local artists who live with Multiple Sclerosis. The gallery itself showcased an interesting variety of art mediums, including bronze sculptures and handmade jewelry. Seeing Joanna's work displayed was a thrill for me, and reading her bio (and the bios of the other artists living with MS) was inspiring.

Since I was only a few miles from my favorite little natural foods store, I stopped in for a sampling tour (hummus bar, cheeses, samples from the deli), gathered a few items for our pantry, walnuts and cashews from the bulk section, and a tasty salad from the deli for my lunch (balsamic roasted brussels sprouts, red cabbage, olive oil and pine nuts, with a hint of cayenne = yum!).  Across the way, I stopped in to World Market for coffee beans and tortilla chips, then drove back home with He is We playing on the stereo.

Later, we met Rachel for a sushi dinner, which was followed by watching our other friend, Chloe, perform in a musical tribute to the late Jacques Brel. The show itself was comical, adventurous, sarcastic and bizarre. I'd like to think that if I knew more about Brel and his world back then, I would appreciate his music more. Hard to say. Nonetheless, the production was entertaining and Chloe made us all proud.

It seems I started my day with plants and ended it with French satire.

If you add the darling duck couple I saw in the Giant Eagle parking lot, and the three squirrels playing in my backyard, you have the makings for a new season in Medina.

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