Friday, February 11, 2011

west liberty street

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I am at the end of my first week doing business in Ohio, and I'm still smiling.

My new office was originally a room in a motel. A few decades ago, the building was renovated and turned in to corporate offices. I quite like the motel-room-turned-office-suite layout. Here is the architect's drawing of my 244 square foot salon. It suits my needs (and budget) perfectly! Considering my last office was only 110 square feet, this space feels like luxury.

Liberty Row Plaza, pictured above, is the office building where I'm located. My studio is upstairs in the back. This facility is just a few blocks west of Medina's Historic Square and just east of the Root Company. This is considered the historic district, and you would be amazed at just how much history exists in this town.

East Liberty alone is worth investigating. You can go on a virtual walking tour of this end of the street, which is less than a mile from our house.

In 1869, Amos Root founded the A.I. Root Company in Medina as a manufacturer of beehives and beekeeping equipment, which caused the city to become a center for beehive manufacturing, and put Medina on the map. The Root Company is primarily a candle-making business now and advertises as having 'the best candle in America.' I don't know about that, but scores of people shop at their store throughout the year, which makes a convenient landmark for me to reference when directing new clients to my business.

Thanks, Amos!

This week, I had the privilege of giving facials to a mother of eight kids, a gal who owns an in-home senior care company, a 78 year-old bride whose 83 year-old husband sat nearby as I gave her a treatment, and a college student who aspires to open a surf shop in Florida. I've also fired up my wax pot and cleaned up the facial hair of a few young ladies, one who was born on Valentine's Day.

When I first walked in to the room that would become Sweet Face Skin Care, the air was stale and the space was uninspired. Now it is bright and full of life, and smells like essential oils. I am so in love with this, and am pleased to add joy and laughter and therapy and healing to the history of this neighborhood.


  1. "Thanks, Amos!"... i love that...
    i'm still so glad you guys are doing so well there. I can't wait to see the two of you so soon!
    j. holowaty~
    oops... forgot to sign in and leave the comment. oh well.

  2. Thanks, guys! My business is over two months old now and I am lov-ing it! I have made some beautiful personal connections, and have seen God heal through my hands. I am blown away! What a privilege.
    Thank you for cheering me on! :)