Saturday, February 5, 2011

polar bears

Chippewa's inaugural Polar Bear Jump happened last Saturday.

For those of you not familiar with the term, this type of event involves those who are brave enough to jump in to frigid water in the height of winter. Chippewa's event raised funds for the Chippewa Lake Lions Club, who donates time and resources to the community throughout the year, including area food pantries.

While we weren't able to attend, we knew some friends who did, including a few who took the plunge.

(Thanks for the great photos, Amanda!)

Firefighters cut ice blocks from the lake to make a swimming area:

Remember Nick & Rosie?:

What is it they say? The couple that shivers together, stays together?

Love the outfit, Nick! Wow.

The 61 participants included local residents, Medina County Commissioner Adam Friedrick, and the youngest jumper, an eleven year old boy.

Several people dressed up for the occasion, including costumes of Lady Gaga, Nacho Libre, and the emcee who resembled a sailor (and pretended he was being pulled in by a fish):

It sounds like a good time was had by all, and the $7000 raised is nothing to complain about; though some of the day's attire may have been.

To quote Amanda, there were "way too many people wearing Speedos."

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  1. lol yes way too many men wearing speedos some okay and some didn't pull it off at ALL! lol standing out there on the ice was scary. I never stood on that lake when it was frozen before. The 11 year old Bailey (I think i spelled his name right not sure...) goes to our church and did a cool back flip into the water. it was fun though freezing out. Your welcome Aunt Amy for the Photos!