Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ice ice baby

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Last weekend was also the much-anticipated Ice Festival.

People have been telling us about this event since we first arrived in Medina, and I had it marked on our calendar since the beginning of the year. The schedule of events said the festival would begin on Friday and go through Sunday.

Friday was the only day Chris and I could attend, so after a nice relaxing dinner at home, we decided to walk to the townsquare. The festival started at 5pm, we arrived at 7pm. Everyone knows a party doesn't really start until at least an hour in and goes late in to the evening, right?

I forgot we're not in Seattle anymore.

When we arrived, folks were still milling about, but the only hint of ice were some broken chips on the ground. Clearly we had missed everything.

According to friends of ours who went, and an article written in the paper, the ice festival was something to see. Thankfully, the sculptures were left up for a week, which meant I could gawk at them as I drove to my office.

That is one nice thing about below freezing temperatures lingering during the winter months here: an ice festival makes sense and the art pieces last for days.

Better luck next year, Holowatys.

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  1. I missed it too! you Friday was just the beginning it was Saturday when everything fun was going 0n. Next year hopefully you will get the chance to see it.