Tuesday, January 18, 2011


"Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" is a line you're probably familiar with if you watch late night television.

Borrowing from the show's comedic genius, every few months the Cornerstone youth movement (Revolve) hosts a movie and game night called "Sunday Night Live."

Last Sunday was my first time playing SNL chaperone.

As leaders, we always wonder how many kids will show up. Due to the holiday break and inclement weather (cancelling last week's youth service), we didn't have much time to announce the event. Still, to our surprise, we had a full house. More bodies always means more participants, more options, and ultimately more fun.

Dodgeball, board games, capture the flag (in the dark.. with glow sticks), a circle game called Ninja, Wii, ping pong, card games, human Foosball and prophetic painting were the activities to choose from, not to mention the costumed characters who roamed the building handing out prizes at random. It was a lively evening complete with potato chips and pizza, and a few casualties. A broken chair, a misplaced ceiling tile, and a fractured collarbone made for an especially memorable night.

We recently had two Revolve members move away, one was a leader and the other a student. So, before the evening was through, we signed cards for them and took a few group photos to send.

Midwest youth are gorgeous, and our Sunday nights are better than prime time.

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