Wednesday, January 26, 2011

double trouble

I had a feeling my eye irritation was more than just allergies when I had to pry both of them open this morning with my fingers.

Dr. Scroggins at Urgent Care confirmed my suspicion and diagnosed me with a double eye infection.

One that is contagious for 24 hours.

As much as you might be fascinated by my red oozing oculars, I thought I'd spare you by drawing you a picture instead of taking a photo. The only colored pens I could find were a black Sharpie and highlighters. The pink is actually for red and the yellow (which is practically invisible against the orange paper) is actually milky discharge releasing through the corners of my lash line, and the black squiggly marks represent the burning sensation I feel.

Who wants a butterfly kiss?

The doctor said it's possible I got this from the cold bug I've had hanging around in my body all month. She explained that the infection can travel from the sinuses up to my tear ducts and in to the eyes. Who knew? Cross-contamination is also possible. I mean, I wash my hands often, but probably touch my eyes more. I really don't like eye gunk, so perhaps my days have been numbered.

Either way, I have to avoid everyone today and disinfect everything I touch. Starting with this keyboard.


  1. Totally had this happen once! It was nasty... I understand. Its no fun. There were many jokes made about it though. They were gross. I'll spare you. Lol.

  2. The perks of living with a snarky family.. and a big one at that! ;)