Sunday, January 23, 2011

lucky strike

Medina Lanes looks pretty sketchy from the outside. Chris and I were sure it was a ghost town, until we started getting invitations from friends to bowl there.

Ghost town it is not, at least not on the weekends.

I went for my first time last Friday night with members of our music ministry from church. Hubby organized the event and an eager group showed up.

My first thought when I entered the place was, 'Hmmmm.. smells like popcorn!' Which was a change from the stale cigarette smoke I was used to smelling on the west coast. Then I saw just how big the place was inside and felt the electricity in the air.

We were surrounded by serious bowlers. Medina Lanes, I underestimated you.

When I play, I push for everyone to make up a bowling name. You know, to spice up the competition. Mine is 'SloMo,' because of my slow motion strategy to knocking down pins. I promise you it works (most of the time). My favorite bowling names from our outing were The Slammer, Angel Wings and Orange Crush.

Chloe used to bowl in high school and arrived with her custom pink bowling bag, ball and shoes. We were all impressed (I was slightly intimidated). Everyone cheered everyone else on and we had some good laughs, especially when Rachel's ball bounced out of the gutter to complete her strike, and I lost my balance doing a spin on my heels, falling dramatically to the ground.. then I rolled around.

It made sense in the moment.

My husband is Orange Crush and he has a special spinning technique when it comes to rolling the ball. I couldn't duplicate it if I tried.

Our teams had a nice collection of strikes that night, which got us discussing whether or not someone in the United States has ever bowled a perfect game. The consensus was yes.. and they were right. Local Matt Latarski bowled a perfect game in Oakwood, Ohio last year. He is the 17th person to roll a 900 in the history of bowling.

Nine hundred points is a tall order.

I'm just happy I broke 100, and beat The Slammer.. twice.

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