Saturday, January 8, 2011

chicken soup

As I sit here at the dining room table on my laptop, eating Jell-o and waiting for my tea water to heat up on the stove, I am content.

Sure, I started the last four days with cold medicine and have ended them with cold medicine (thanks to whatever bug is going around), but in-between, I have laughed with friends, drove around the neighborhood with my man just to feel the ice under our tires, received forgiveness for a fifteen year-old offense, watched fresh snow fall from the sky, enjoyed a couch date with hubby and a viewing of the
Ocean's 11 movies (one of the DVD sets he gave me for my birthday), smiled at a few more Christmas/Happy New Year cards that came in the mail, cooked a zesty shrimp stir fry one night for dinner and a creamy gnocchi dish on another, took two of my junior high girls to see the movie Tangled, and met our new next-door neighbors.

I promise, Mom, I'm taking care of myself. I have slept a lot, doubled up on my vitamins, drank plenty of water, and Chris has been the perfect gentleman.

One thing I realized I haven't had during this week of being sick is chicken soup. Hubby offered it to me on Tuesday, but I believe I turned it down and ate French fries instead.

See, Mom? (wink)

I hope everyone's new year is healthy and happy and filled with more blessings than you can count.

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