Sunday, January 2, 2011


Cuyahoga Valley Church is home to the 707 ministry. It's located in Broadview Heights, about a half hour from our house.

707 (Sevenoseven) is "a community of young adults who have found the amazing life that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. And it exists to tell young adults about solid hope. God has not abandoned them. It exists to fill a gap in our time. Many in our generation have felt left out at church. They want and need to express their faith in service, community, and worship. Sevenoseven gives identity and recognition to the emerging generation."

We experienced that Mission Statement first-hand at their service tonight. Which, by the way, started at 7:07pm. Clever, hu?

This ministry is led by California-born Pastor Chad Allen, who (like us) got a call from the Lord to uproot his family from the west coast and move east to Ohio. I quite like how God is merging the two cultures together, one family at a time.

Even though hubby and I felt distracted by the colored light show and camera guys recording artsy angles throughout the service, the distraction was temporary.  We discovered that this ministry is simultaneously a podcast available for download during their weekly meetings. And, as it turns out, the dimly lit room brought me to a deeper place of rest and worship.

Since arriving in Ohio, I've become used to being needed on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, which means it's a challenge to find peace in praise without interruption. The 707 service was a welcomed respite for me.

The worship/music leader is Bryan Karas. He looked like he was straight out of Seattle or Santa Cruz with his long beard, beanie and skinny jeans. He could have easily played a stand-in role for Joaquin Phoenix in the mockumentary, I'm Still Here. His passion and heart were evident and his direction was reminiscent of the worship direction at the church we left in WA, Mill Creek Foursquare.

It just felt good there.

Chris talked with Pastor Chad after the service and made a connection. While we are currently training leaders to develop a young adults ministry at Cornerstone Chapel, and hope to see the training grow in to a sustainable community, 707 is a great resource and example of how to do church.

I wish all churches would unite in one heart and one hope in the God we trust. I wish denominations weren't divided and we could all seek to love and serve each other without judgment or suspicion. Though idealistic, Chris and I are eager to see it happen here in NE Ohio. I know others of like-mind seeking this same purpose around the world, so perhaps we will all meet in the middle some day.

"Be a sweet melody in the great orchestration, instead of a discordant note. The medicine this sick world needs is love. Hatred must be replaced by love, and fear by faith that love will prevail." - Mildred Norman Ryder (Peace Pilgrim)

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