Thursday, December 23, 2010

tis the season

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I have a sweet tooth. In a serious way.

This time of year, my indulgences are fudge and English toffee. Blame it on being introduced to both when I was a child (the latter in the form of gold foil-wrapped Almond Roca) and my tastes growing like my hair and waistline.   I can't help it.  The pure buttery crunchy goodness and rich fudgey fudgey-ness just taste so good.  Somehow, I manage to abstain from these treats throughout the rest of the year, but come December, it's all I crave.

In addition to eggnog, and another viewing of the movie Elf, toffee and fudge top my list.  Thankfully, I have friends and family who know this about me and share their best handmade candies with us every Christmas.

Now that we live in Ohio, and my husband is a pastor and music teacher, we are up to our eyeballs in homemade goodies.  Chris has an attraction for more savory items, which means I rarely have to share the dessert.

Even as I type this, I'm eating fudge pieces like they're popcorn.

Other indulgences people have this time of year are holiday light displays and decorated trees.  Have you noticed?  Several of the authors of blogs I follow have posted pictures of their family trees this week, and their friends' family trees.

True, Christmas trees are a staple in most houses, especially here in the midwest.  I was quite happy to see this pink-colored tree at Target last week.  It made me smile, as I remembered one of my former coworkers in Southern California who purchased a pink flocked tree every year for her livingroom.

Chris and I talked about getting a tree, but never did.

Instead, I bought two baby potted sprigs (with frosted pinecones) from Walmart and displayed them accordingly.  The one on our diningroom table has attracted the most attention, as it hosts the ornaments we received as gifts this year:

Laughter and charity are also prominent during this season.  I happen to favor both, but laughter has a special place in my bones.  Which makes me appreciate custom license plates like this one I saw two days ago while driving to the post office:

What are your holiday delights?  Are they edible?  Visual?  Wearable? Laughable?   Well, if they're anything like mine, you will be falling in to a sugar coma soon.

Tis the season, after all.

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