Wednesday, December 8, 2010

snow day 2

Okay, so I got a little bit of teasing from my friends here in Ohio and those in Seattle telling me that the first snowfall we had was "nothing."  I kind of expected it.

Well, this was the scene yesterday morning:

Notice the depth of snow along the walkway. I took these pictures around 7:45am while Chris shoveled the driveway and another man from our neighborhood cleared the sidewalk with his snow thrower (I just learned what that machine is called, by the way). Their work was not in vain, even though the snow kept falling and covering their tracks. We were able to leave the house for work.

I am amazed at the way snow is managed around here. Unlike Seattle, which ends up in a big cluttered mess of cars in accidents, drivers stranded, and a city confused; the midwest knows how to handle snow.

Snow plows are at the ready and come out in droves, roadways are cleared and re-cleared, salt is bought by the pound, neighbors help neighbors, and 'snow days' are few, so children don't have to make up as many days of school in the spring. It really is a sight to see. If you can make it out of your driveway, driving is generally not as perilous as you would think.  Everyone I've seen respects the weather and other drivers on the road.

Did I tell you we bought a Ford Escape last summer? My first car (registered in my name) and a beauty. She is dark grey in color and handles the snow like a dream.

I call her BattleKat (Kat for short).

Apparently, we live in the Lake Effect region, which makes the snowfall that much more exciting and abundant. Everyone keeps telling me I'll get tired of this eventually, which may be true.

This week I am enamored of it.

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