Thursday, December 9, 2010

police blotter: pranks & hooligans

STOLEN SWING: A swing was apparently removed from the hinges and stolen April 10 or 11 from a set at Sam Masi Park. Police have no suspects in the case and the value of the swing is unknown.

BURGLARY: A resident reported June 21 that a group of kids went into his garage and stole 30 packs of Natural Light beer. The resident said that his neighbors saw the kids running away with the beer.

EXPLOSIVES, OAK BARK TRAIL: A man reported June 30 that someone threw a bottle of pop that exploded at his front door. Police determined that the bottle of pop was actually a Drano bomb. The culprits didn’t put it together properly so it didn’t explode with as much force as was possible.

EXPLOSION: Police and fire officials were called to a home Saturday after a refrigerator exploded. The explosion blew the door off of the refrigerator, but no one was injured.

THEFT, CEDAR ROAD: A Cleveland man, 42, was arrested for theft after he left without paying for food items Saturday at Whole Foods Market, 13998 Cedar. He took a plate of chicken wings, two croissants and a can of pop.

THEFT, PEARL ROAD: A man reported Friday that someone had stolen the gutters and downspouts off of his house overnight.

HANDCUFFS, BRONSON: Locking up your babysitter? Sure, we all thought about it when we were kids. If you were a babysitter, you probably had thoughts of locking up the kids. On Aug. 23, a babysitter at a Bronson Street home called police around 10:35 a.m. reporting that she needed help removing a handcuff that would not unlock. Police responded and unlocked the handcuff. It was not specified whether the children or babysitter were wearing the manacles.

RAILROAD TIE, FALLING OAKS: A Falling Oaks resident told police that someone had placed a railroad tie across her driveway and in her yard sometime on Sept. 5. An officer responded and removed the railroad tie from her driveway and placed it in the front yard. Police have no suspects in the case.

ALARM, W. LIBERTY: A woman, who was in search of a Bible study in the area, had her good intentions spoiled on Sept. 8. She set off an alarm at a W. Liberty St. church while looking for the Bible study around 7:15 p.m., causing police to respond to the location.

VANDALISM, EDGAR LANE: A resident reported several forks stuck in his lawn and his bushes covered in toilet paper. The victim suspects that the incident may be related to an anonymous letter he received three years ago complaining about the appearance of his property.

UFO?: Police witnessed multiple glow-in-the-dark objects flying in Ken Cleveland Park around 10 p.m., Sept. 29. Was it a UFO over Medina? Hardly. Upon further investigation, officers found several individuals flying glow-in-the-dark planes in the park. The subjects were advised that the park would close at 11 p.m.

SENIOR PICTURES, MEDINA ST.: Who knew a student’s senior pictures could draw the attention of police? On Oct. 3, officers spotted a company taking an individual’s senior pictures on a set of railroad tracks on Medina Street. Police told the company to move from the tracks.
BOWLING BALL, W. LIBERTY: A caller told police that there was a random bowling ball resting on the sidewalk in front of a W. Liberty St. restaurant around 2 p.m., Oct. 8. An officer responded and took the unattended bowling ball into property. Apparently, someone got confused and bowled down the wrong type of alley.
DISTURBANCE, CENTER ROAD: A 19-year-old Garfield Avenue man was arrested at 3:06 p.m. Oct. 19 after reportedly causing a disturbance at a Radio Shack store. The man reportedly began using obscene language and claimed to be a millionaire who wanted to buy the whole store. The man reportedly resisted officers during the arrest and had to be placed in a restraint chair at the police department during booking. A knife was also found in the man’s pocket. He was charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon.

VANDALISM, CHAPMAN: A suspect used a sharp object to scratch the words “the love” into the hood of a vehicle that was parked in a Chapman Lane apartment complex lot Oct. 30. No arrests were made in the case.

GHOST ATTACK, GRANGER ROAD: A woman on Granger Road ran outside naked from the waist down yelling for a neighbor to call police because she was shot and then passed out. A rescue squad was called to the scene and found the woman unconscious and without any gunshot wounds. When she came to, she was in the emergency room at Medina General Hospital and claimed to have been attacked by ghosts. She refused medical treatment.

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: On Saturday, a male resident reported damage to his property overnight. He told police that he noticed someone had knocked over lawn ornaments in his backyard. Two ceramic dogs and a ceramic gnome were harmed, with one dog suffering a broken ear.
Welcome to Ohio.


  1. I love it when they add a little commentary: "Locking up your babysitter? Sure, we all thought about it when we were kids" Amazing. Love you! -Ali

  2. I know, right? That's partly why I enjoy reading the blotter as much as I do. I wonder what kind of training you need to be the person who keeps the log? You and I would be good at that job. ;)