Sunday, December 5, 2010

over the rhine

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Karin Bergquist could sing the phone book and I would feel tucked in at night.  She just has that way about her.  Sexy without trying, she has a voice that could woo the most frigid of hearts.

She and her husband, Linford Detweiler, are the lead musicians of the band Over the Rhine.

If you attended our wedding back in 1998, you already know one of their songs.  During our ceremony, the one called 'Etc. Whatever' was sung by our dear friend, Heather Gibson.  We have seen OtR perform many times, from Hollywood to Seattle, and last night we saw them in their homestate of Ohio.

I still cry whenever they sing that song.

Do you want a peak in to the beginning of our relationship?  Listen to the albums, 'Good Dog Bad Dog' and 'Besides.'  Chris introduced them to me by making me mix tapes and writing his own commentary for each one.  Since we dated long-distance, that music was like a lifeline for me.  It helped to break my heart (in a good way), and accept love without condition.  That season of my life was a dark one, but my angel of a man helped to reawaken the light inside of me through OtR's music and his devotion.

(God helped, too.)

Now, many years later, we still find ourselves spending some of our most special moments with Over the Rhine playing on the stereo or sitting next to each other at one of their shows.  They are the only favorite band between us, and we are certain we could all be friends. We like wine and whiskey, after all, and appreciate the kind of insight that lyrics can lend; and I'm pretty sure Karin and I have the same taste in boots.

"It always snows when we come to Kent," Karin & Linford confessed from the stage.  A collective laugh of understanding came from the audience.

Surrounded by a mostly middle-aged crowd that included formidable women, plastic cups of merlot, and the smell of patchouli and cigarettes, we found the homestate crowd to be eager, interactive and fiercely supportive.  It was as if we had all lived our lives with Karin & Linford's music playing in the background.

It was comforting somehow, and sublime.

© 2010 bill ivester|

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