Friday, November 26, 2010


Was your Thanksgiving happy?  I sure hope so.

We enjoyed not one but two full Thanksgiving meals!  The first was with the Sandor/Kemp clan and was filled with laughter (lots of laughter!), good food, the sharing of family memories, and traditional games, including one where everyone took a stone from a basket and wrote one thing they were thankful for on one side and their name on the other.  One person started by drawing a stone at random and reading the blessing out loud while everyone else around the table guessed the author.  Whomever wrote the blessing drew the next stone, read it aloud, had everyone guess, and the game continued until all blessings were read.

I wrote the words 'being loved' on mine, but my favorite sentiment came from one of the boys.  It simply said, 'pie.'

Chris and I decided we could easily retire in Mom & Pop Kemp's sitting room.  It was the one with wood paneling lining the walls, lanterns and glassware on every ledge, three rocking chairs and the familiar smell of a used bookstore.

Being in that room caused me to reminisce about all of the Thanksgiving holidays we spent at my Grandma & Grandpa Foster's house in Olympia, Washington when I was growing up.  Their rules were always less strict than the rules in our house.  We could eat as much as we wanted (including seconds of dessert), they had a dog named Mischa and an old John Deere pedal tractor.  I always raced my siblings to the front door of Grandma & Grandpa's house hoping to be the first one to ring the bell.  Grandma would let me taste a piece of the turkey fresh out of the oven, and, as my memory serves, that dinner table easily sat fifty people.

Well, except the kids table.  Did anyone else have to serve time at the kids table a few years too many?

The second Thanksgiving meal we received this year was at the Barski house.  We hardly left the table once we had served ourselves, as the conversation was engaging and filled with lively family stories (and we were weighed down by delicious food!).

With bellies stuffed and hearts full, we went back to our house, put the leftovers in the fridge, and ended our holiday via speaker phone with my family, and iChat with Chris's family.

We didn't sleep until after midnight and when we did, we slept well.

This morning I decided to brave the crowds and go shopping for a mattress cover for our guest bed, pajama pants for my husband, and other items I didn't know I needed until I saw them at a discount.  I've never intentionally shopped on Black Friday before, and I have to say it wasn't terrible.  Granted, I went after the early morning crowds. And, while the cashier lines resembled those from the Harry Potter premiere we attended earlier in the week, the staff did well to move us along quickly.

I came home with a smile on my face and a stomach ready for turkey; though I'm not quite sure how that's possible.  I did mention we had two Thanksgiving dinners, right?

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