Thursday, November 4, 2010

safety song

© 1985 Grunt/RCA

My safety song is Starship's We Built This City.

What is a safety song, you ask?  It's the song you default to when you can't shake a more annoying one out of your head.

On our way home from a delightful dinner visit with our Seattle brother-in-law (who was in Columbus on business), hubby had the passenger's seat laid back and I had the wheel.  As Chris dozed off, I enjoyed my role as DJ and spent several minutes scanning through stations, looking for the perfect road music.

I landed on The Brew 105.7, a station that features a mix of 80's rock.   I blissfully sang through all of the songs until the station started cutting out as we got closer to Medina.  I should mention, the station before The Brew was playing ABBA (not my favorite), so I switched it, and one of the first songs playing on 105.7 was Starship's We Built This City.

Chris loves ABBA.  He hates my safety song.

Sure, Blender magazine named this anthem "The #1 Worst Song Ever" in 2004, but I'm still a fan.  I mean, have you ever heard a tastier lyric than, "knee deep in the hoopla?"

I think not.

What is your safety song?

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